Flexo Printing Machine

Flexo Printing Machine
Flexo Printing Machine
Flexo Printing Machine
Flexo Printing Machine
Flexo Printing Machine
Flexo Printing Machine

1、Unwinding unit and rewinding unit
• automatic loading and unloading by hydraulic 
• Magnetic powder as brake, motor as clutch
2、Auto web guiding
• Splicing table
• Detection mode: edge checking
• Precision: ±0.1mm
3、Feeding system
• Rubber rollers for feeding
4、Printing unit        4 units
• Helical gear
• Ceramic anilox roller: one set (4 pcs)
• Printing cylinder: one set (4 pcs)
• Ceramic anilox roller: LPI depends on buyer
• Printing cylinder: repeat depends on buyer
• Single side doctor blade
• Ink case      
• Gear:cp1/8
5、Drying system
• IR 
6、Auto stopping function
7、Meter counter
8、Simple plate mounter 


B. Technical parameter
1. Max unwinding diameter: 1200mm
2. Printing repeat: 250mm-580mm (79T – 182T)
3. Max width: 950mm
4. Max printing width: 950mm
5. Power supply: 380V 3PH 50Hz
6. Total power: 30KW
7. Machine speed: 0-80m/min
8. Printing plate thickness: 1.7mm
9. Double glue tap thickness: 0.38mm
10. Printing precision: ±0.15mm
11. Air shaft diameter: 3inches


Machine part: 

1. Unwinding part with 20kg magnetic powder brake
Flexo Printing Machine 1

2. Automatic tension control system on unwinding and rewinding part
Flexo Printing Machine 2

3. Auto web guiding system with splicing table
Flexo Printing Machine 3

4. Printing part with ink roller, ceramic anilox roller, printing roller, and support roller 
Flexo Printing Machine 4

5. Main control panel with temperature controller, length counter and speed controller
Flexo Printing Machine 5

6. Rewinding part with separate motor 7.5kw and separate inverter as clutch
Flexo Printing Machine 6

7. Electic part
Flexo Printing Machine 7

8. Washing mode after job is finished
Flexo Printing Machine 8

Flexo Printing Machine 9


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