What Types of Roll Die Cutting Machines are There?

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There are several types of web die-cutting machines available, each designed for specific applications and requirements.

Here are some common types:


1. Flatbed Roller Die Cutting Machine

Flat roller die cutting machines use flat rollers to apply pressure to the material while die-cutting the material.

 The flat roller die cutting machines is suitable for materials with lower thickness and can handle a variety of materials such as paper, cardboard, thin plastic, etc.


2. Rotary Die Cutting Machine

The rotary die cutting machine uses a cylindrical mold mounted on the rotary press.

The material is fed between the mold and the anvil roller, which provides support and pressure. The die rotates, cutting the material as it passes through.

Rotary die cutting machines are ideal for high-speed production and can handle thicker, stiffer materials such as rubber, foam, and certain metals.


3. Magnetic Cylinder Die Cutting Machine

Magnetic cylinder die cutting machines use magnetic rollers to hold the die in place.

The material is fed between the magnetic cylinder and the steel cylinder, which applies pressure to cut.

Magnetic cylinder die cutting machines offer excellent precision and are often used in applications that require complex and detailed cuts, such as the label and sticker industry.


4. Semi-Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Semi-rotary die-cutting machines combine a rotary system with intermittent motion.

The material is fed through the machine and the semi-rotating mold cylinder cuts out the desired shape.

Semi-rotary die-cutting machines are suitable for shorter production runs and are typically used in digital printing applications.


5. Laser Die Cutting Machine

Laser die cutting machines can not only be used for roll material die cutting machines, but also for roll material die cutting.

They utilize laser technology to precisely cut materials without the need for physical molds.

Laser die cutting works on a variety of materials, including paper, fabric and thin plastics. Laser die cutting machines offer a variety of designs and can handle complex shapes.



Choosing the right machine type depends on factors such as the material being processed, the production speed required, the complexity of the design and throughput requirements.

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