Carton Erecting Machine ZX-1200

Carton Erecting Machine ZX-1200

Carton Erecting Machine (paper box forming machine) is an automatic machine, specialized in making food carton, box, container which are made from cardboard, paper, paperboard, corrugated paper etc. 
The food box (carton, container, dish, tray) is widely used as burger box, hot-dog box (tray), one block box, food pail box (Chinese food box, take-away box), fries box (chips box, chips tray), lunch box, meal box, etc. 

1.Servo motor control the forming mold (press mold) (advanced, more accurate than mechanism cam control)
2.Using full servo system (3 servos in machine replace cam system)
3.Easy exchange molds to make different products, charging and adjusting time is very short. 
4.PLC program control the whole line, available to make complicated boxes. 
5.Automatic collection, stock, and count. 
6.Human being designed control button and panel, more easy and safe runs by user. 
7.PLC could save the adjusted parameter after you finish adjustment, it will help you save time.


Technical Specification




60~180 box/minute

Speed depends on paper blank size.

Welding Method

Water-Glue System Welding;

Available Material

150~600gsm board, paperboard, paper, corrugated cardboard, Fluted paper, etc.

Material Thickness

Max. 1.5mm

Paper Size:

Carton Erecting Machine ZX 1200 3

L=Length: 100-430mm

W=Width: 100-630mm

H=Height: 15mm-320mm

Angle: 5~50 degrees

Total Power




Machine Size (L*W*H)


Pack Size


Power Source

3-phase, 380V, 50/60Hz

Air Source

Compressed air at 6-10 bar needed

The product complies with the regulatory requirements and standards on CE conformity andtherefore carries the CE mark.


Carton Erecting Machine ZX 1200 4

Carton Erecting Machine ZX 1200 5

Carton Erecting Machine ZX 1200 6

Deep paper food box

(paper food pail )

Carton Erecting Machine ZX 1200 7

Take Away Box, Food Box, Instant food box, Chinese Food Box, Food Pail


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