What Types of Materials Can a Roll Die Cutting Machine Cut?

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Roll die cutting machines, also known as rotary die-cutting machines, are designed to cut materials in continuous roll form.

Listed below are some of the different types of materials that can be processed.


1. Paper and cardboard

Roll die cutting machines are widely used in the paper and packaging industries to cut various types of paper, cardboard, corrugated board and carton materials.


2. Tape

These machines can efficiently cut tapes such as double-sided tape, foam tape, masking tape, and electrical tape.


3. Fabrics and textiles

Roll die cutting machines are capable of cutting fabrics and textiles including cotton, polyester, nylon, felt, non-woven materials and woven fabrics. They are commonly used in the textile and apparel industries.


4. Foam material

The rolling die cutting machine can accurately cut polyurethane foam, EVA foam, closed cell foam and other foam materials. This makes them ideal for packaging, cushioning and insulation applications.


5. Rubber

Can cut rubber sheets and rubber materials used in a variety of industries, including gaskets, seals and automotive parts.


6. Plastic

Roll die cutting machines can handle different types of plastics, including PVC sheets, PET sheets, polystyrene sheets, acrylic sheets, and plastic films.


7. Films and foils

Roll die cutting machines are suitable for cutting films and foils such as polyester film, polyethylene film, metallized film and aluminum foil.


8. Labels and Stickers

Roll die cutting machines are commonly used in the label and sticker industry to cut materials such as self-adhesive labels, pressure-sensitive labels, vinyl stickers, and more.


9. Laminated materials

Roll die cutting machines can also cut laminated materials such as laminated paper, laminated fabric and laminated foil.



The specific capabilities of a Roll die-cutting machine may vary based on factors such as machine model, die-cutting die design, and material thickness.

Manufacturers often provide guidelines and specifications indicating the materials their machines can effectively cut.

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